The Benefits That You’ll Get To Use The Restaurant Membercard


For you hunters of delicious foods but still want to save, you must have the member card of a restaurant or get a restaurant voucher online. By getting the member card or voucher online, you can get a discount price but you can still eat deliciously. So many people want some offers like this, this makes many companies compete to make membercard or sell vouchers. One of the official website that offer member cards and some promotions discount to eat is on MySubwayCard.

You Just Need To Pay A Half Of Price

If you have the member card of a certain restaurant, usually you will get the information that that restaurant will give eating vouchers with the terms and condition apply. One of the promotions that you can get by having the member card of the restaurant is you just need to pay a half of price. This promotion also you can get by online restaurant vouchers. Some of that even provide half price and more discounts. This will certainly attract buyers to try the menu of that restaurant. So, you can eat cheap all the time.

Still Can Eat Delicious And Cheap

By using a member card and promo online voucher you can eat delicious and cheap. There are many places to eat with online restaurant promo vouchers, one of the official website that gives a promo by using the MySubwayCard member card. This restaurant will give you good service and delicious food. This certainly will provide a memorable experience of luxury but cheap meals.

Can Eat More

When you get a discount by using a member card, so it means that you only pay a half but with the normal portion. Imagine if you use the promo for that member card restaurant with normal price, so you can eat the double portion.

Try Some Menus

You may also use the promo from the member card to try various dishes in the restaurant, maybe for some kind of food have a normal price which is quite expensive, but with the promo from using the member card, you can buy it just by paying half the price.

After we talking about the discount that you will get by using the member card or voucher online by the official website likes MySubwayCard. Now, we will talk about how you can calculate the benefits from discounts or promotions. You may be familiar with the calculation of discount in the form of percentage discount. But for some the other promo, maybe you will find the difficulty in calculating it.


This promotion is usually applied in clothing sales and other goods. Cashback promotions are an interesting form of promotion because people usually think that they will get cash. Whereas, generally the cashback promos are given in the form of vouchers. For example, for every 100.000 IDR purchased, you will be given a cashback of 500.000 IDR. Cashback is usually given in the form of vouchers or points that will give on your account, or credit included in the credit card.

Actually, this advantage is unfair, it is calculated in the form of a percentage because the profits obtained are not in the form of cash. If the voucher purchased is not related to your needs, so the voucher will be less useful.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

This promo is the one of promo that often offers in some stores. For this promo, you can also easily calculate the percentage of profits. The trick is to multiply the price of the item by the number of the item obtained ( in this case the item number is 2) then reduce the total price by the price of the goods that must be paid. You can see the percentage of the remaining price compared to the total price that you should pay if you buy 2 items.

For example the price of goods 100.000 IDR and get the promo to buy 1 get 1 free, so if you get a buy 1 get 1 free promo, you actually buy items with a 50% discount for 2 items at a time. You only need to buy 1 item to get a discount. One restaurant that gives some interesting promotions is on the official website of MySubwayCard.


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Best Tips to Say Thank You for the Gifts and for the Free Menu from Fast-Food Chain!


Good people! We all must have special people which make our life colorful. In this case, they can be our families, our friends, our partners, or even our lovers. In this case, we must feel that they mean everything to us so that we want to express how lucky we are having them in our life. Nicely, we can just try to make a thank you letter for them. Of course, this letter will play a very important role in moreover when we receive a gift from our people. Without any doubt, it is the time for us to make a Thank You Letter for Gifts so that they will understand how important they are. Just follow the thank you letter format provided by this website and we will get them to stay in our life.

For our information, most people are afraid of or too lazy to make the thank you letter because they think it is such a hard thing to commit. Well, it is pretty wrong since we have technology and sweetheart. In this case, it is just okay to send our gratitude to the people through our email, instant messaging, cell phones, texting or chatting, and other written ways. However, to make the real letter may need some points of contents to put. Still, we should not worry whether we will able to make it or not since the guide here will make it clear to do.

Alright! Now, if we are curious about how to make a good writing by using some recommended tips, then we can have a nice seat and read the following keys. You know, one of the best customer surveys that you can fill is from Chick Fil A restaurant. Here, you can enjoy the free sandwich if you have a Chick Fil A Receipt. And, then, you can try following these ways to get the free menu.

Here they are:

  • Keep thank you note cards or letters on hand for these occasions
  • Keep a list of who we need to send the thank you letter so that we will never forget anyone
  • Include a personal note on each one or at very least, sign it by hand
  • Try sending out a “just because” thank you every now
  • We can say such as “thank you for being my friend” or even “thank you for being a great mom”

After reading those points, don’t they sound sweet to try? Well, if it is not now to try, then it will be never for any second chance we can do. Overall, we just need to write the thank you notes for the gifts that our people gave to us. If we are able to make it full heartedly, then believe it or not, they will get our feelings through the letter we made. Indeed, it is all about sincerity that we have in our deep heart, the feelings of the atmosphere we want to remember always, and the moments when we are together with them. In short, we just have to express that we do really care for them. Isn’t it just pretty great if we receive a thank you letter when we may feel down or unimportant? So, just use the opportunity once we have them around us. Once they are gone, and we did not tell our feelings yet, then we will live in suffer with great regret.

How to Participate in Customer Survey Program for Free Sandwich?

Customer survey program is a tool to find out customer satisfaction level. Many companies use this program to control the performance. In common, restaurant, fashion retails, gas station, sportswear are using this kind of survey. They are selling products and service to the customers. So, it is a need for them to understand what the customer wants. If the customers are happy, they will visit the store or restaurant again. Of course, it brings more profit to the company. But, the company has special offers for survey participants.

You can get the special reward or prize from survey program. It can be a free menu or coupon discount. You can claim this reward once you do the second visiting. Of course, it will be a nice and great offer to try. In case you need to know which company make survey program, you can visit . It is the suitable site to get company survey list. You can find many surveys here along with the rewards. In Bringtolightnys site, you can check the reward for each survey. Perhaps, you can choose the survey you want to join here.

How to Participate in the Chick Fil A survey?

  • Decide Which Survey Program to Join

First of all, decide on the program you want to take. You can check the survey program list in . You will see a list of surveys available there. It is including the reward and prize for the survey. is the best website to access them all.

  • Get the Things You Need

Second thing, you must know things you need. The customer survey program you take may have specific stuff to prepare. To be a valid participant, you need to fulfill the requirements. Indeed, the things to prepare can help you do the survey faster. Of course, it will not cut your precious time.

  • Know the Rules

The third thing to know is about survey rules. Each of the company may apply different rules. In that case, you must know the specific rules in the survey you take. You need to fulfill all the rules to be valid. It is because of the survey reward available for the valid ones. All the survey articles are including the rules to obey. So, you don’t need to worry about your participant status. Just follow what the article says.

  • Do the Survey

To do the survey, you must enter the survey portal. Then you must enter some of the survey credentials first. Once you have done, you will see the survey questions. It is the questions that you need to answer. Your answer will be according to your last visiting. It must be honest and objective. The questions you get will be about the company issues. It can be about the service, product, menu, prize, cleanliness and many more. To make you easier fill the survey, use your personal experience in the company related. To get the step guidance, you can visit the website. It gives you details instruction on how to do the survey.

  • Redeem the Reward

After you have done with the survey, you will get unique codes. The codes will appear on your screen. This code is the key to receive the survey reward. You can claim the reward by this code. So, once it appears, you need to write it on a paper. Bring this codes along when you make another visiting. Show this code to the staff to redeem the reward. Moreover, the codes have an expiration time.

Well, enjoy the survey and enjoy the free sandwich!

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Wanna Work at the Restaurant? You may Need These Tips


Restaurants are a favorite place for many people. Currently, you can find various types of unique restaurants. There are unique restaurants in the food. Then there is a restaurant that is unique in its interior design. This uniqueness can invite visitors to enjoy the food there. You can choose restaurants based on the type of food. Suppose you like Japanese food. So you should visit a Japanese restaurant. Then you need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the restaurant. Because food poisoning often occurs. This is because the restaurant does not have a good level of cleanliness. So that their food is contaminated with bacteria.

In the restaurant business, the first service is about restaurant waiters. Because they are parties that deal directly with consumers. Then the restaurant chef’s ability influences the taste of food. So that HRD should look for chefs who have work experience. Then they have good cooking skills. If both have good abilities, the quality of restaurant service will be good. When you work at a restaurant such as Darden Restaurant, you can access the portal for the employee. The portal for Darden employee is called as Krowd Login page. On this website, you can search for various information about your job.

If you want to build your career in the restaurant, you should possess some skills below. Here are the skills you need to have while working in a restaurant.

  1. First, you must be able to communicate clearly.

As a manager or employees must have good communication skillsGood communication can keep you from mistakes. Then communication can be influenced by concentration. Because good concentration can make it easier for you to take orders. So make sure you eat breakfast before work. Because hungry stomach can interfere with your concentration.

  1. Second, you must be honest and diligent at work.

Then you need to implement this moral value. So you must be honest and diligent at work. You can start with yourself. Some attitudes that show honesty in work.

  • First, come to work on time.
  • Second, do not take advantage of working time to relax.
  • Third, always open to your friends and superiors.
  • Fourth, do not make left on fictitious grounds.

If you are not honest while working, your boss can reprimand you. Then you can damage your boss’s trust. Next work diligently. This means you show love for your work. Don’t relax before rest time.

  1. Third, take care of your health and cleanliness.

In maintaining the quality of food, restaurants have regulations. Ill employees are not allowed to do services in restaurants. Ill employees can contaminate food. Then they cannot work optimally. So sick employees must rest. If they continue to perform services, they must use the personal protective equipment.

Furthermore, your cleanliness becomes an important point of working in a restaurant. You can do clean living behavior by washing your hands. So you have to get used to washing your hands before and after touching food. Hand washing must use soap and running water. According to the World Health Organization, hand washing has 6 steps. Next, you must pay attention to the cleanliness of your clothes. You should use an apron while working.

  1. Fourth, work with discipline.

Fourth, you must have a disciplined attitude. Restaurant owners can make an assessment to employees every month. If you do not enter for reasons that are not clear, this will make it difficult for you. Some activities that show your discipline are good.

  • First, wear uniforms according to regulations.
  • Second, come to work on time.
  • Third, go home from work on time.
  • Fourth, your attendance is good.
  • Fifth, you work systematically when serving consumers.
  1. Fifth, you must be friendly in serving consumers.

One of the keys to success in opening a restaurant business is friendly service. Consumer satisfaction is the main goal in the restaurant business. Consumers can assess the aspects of service in a restaurant. They can judge the food served in the restaurant. Here are some attitudes that reflect hospitality.

  • First, it’s easy to smile.

If you work as a waiter, you have to smile often. Have you mastered this attitude? If you don’t have this quality, you need to study harder. Consumers will come to the restaurant if you serve them kindly.

  • Second, friendly when serving consumers.

Next, you must be friendly when serving consumers. The restaurant waiter must be friendly since the customer arrives until the customer leaves. Because of your hospitality, you can invite consumers to come back to the restaurant.

  • Third, you are able to control emotions.

When you work in a restaurant, sometimes there are fussy consumers. They have many requests when ordering food. So you must still treat them politely. Record customer orders carefully. Before you go, check their food orders. If you want to be angry, you must control your emotions.

  • Fourth, you must be flexible and relaxed when serving consumers.

Every job has its own difficulties. Usually, you have to face events that bother you. there is one of your customers angry. Usually, they will protest the waiter. Here you may not reply to the words of the consumer. You just need to stay relaxed and think positively. Then you need to evaluate your performance. Find out the mistakes that make consumers angry. Thus the quality of restaurant services will be better.

  • Fifth, able to work together

Each position has their respective duties. But if you work in a restaurant, make sure you have a lot of abilities. If you are able to complete the work, then your performance will be better. Then your ability can benefit the restaurant. Because they are able to serve consumers faster because of your ability.

  1. Sixth, you should have a cooking school background.

The sixth tip is for the position of the restaurant chef. So you need to learn the science of cooking. Good cooking skills can improve restaurant food quality. Here you can innovate the menu. Cooking School background can make it easier for you when creating a new menu.

Here we have mentioned a few tips when working in a restaurant. All parties need to cooperate in serving consumers. So the quality above you must have while working in a restaurant.

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How to Get the Inexpensive Payless, Adidas and Nike Shoes Brands?


Who loves collecting the branded shoes? Every people will love to do it as it is worth. This hobby may spend a lot of money while some people may avoid it. But, do you know? There are some interesting ideas to collect the various kinds of shoes without getting broke. Moreover, you are able to go for movies, eating on the famous restaurant as well as visiting the prestigious places. It is the secret ideas that some people may never know. Well, Fellas! This page will give you great ideas to get the inexpensive Payless, Adidas, Nike, as well as the other branded shoes. Then, are you ready for this pleasure?

The Lists of American Branded Shoes

Alright, talking about the kinds of branded shoes, we may find the numerous numbers. Even, we may get confused to choose one of the best ones. Sneakers, Women or Men Shoes, Kids with the various styles, colors and price can be the various options that we can choose. Not to mention, here some list of branded shoes, those are:

  • Payless
  • Nike
  • Converse
  • Adidas
  • Fladeo
  • Nike
  • Dicks Sporting Goods
  • This is Why I’m Broke
  • JC Penney
  • And, much more.

The list above may only a few numbers of branded shoes that we know. All of us may agree that they are the legend branded that have accompanied us for every each moment. Then, how about the quality? Well, they are brave enough to guarantee that they are the only one shoe brands that offer you the best quality ever.

How to Get the Inexpensive Price of Adidas, Payless or Nike Shoes Brands?

Well, we will not take your many times as we are going to give you the tips to get the inexpensive price of those brands. Fellas! You have to prepare your notes and be ready to keep every single information that may be important in your next days. And, here the ways are:

  • Way 1# Be the member

First thing first, we are able to join as the member of those brands. If you know, joining a customers’ member may keep the rich benefits. And, one of them is about to get the latest information about the promotions and discount as fast as possible. Yes, as the loyal customers, those shoe company may offer us special promotions, deals or programs as the appreciations of our loyalty. To join this membership program, we can visit the official website and find out the membership registration or even go ahead to the official customer service. Somehow, the in-store service teams serve the membership registration.

  • Way 2# Register the Card

The next way is about to register the electronic card that has offered by those famous shoe brands. When your site on its official website, they may open the opportunity to register the electronic cards for all loyal customers. It is one of the parts of the membership program. Do you know? This card may be useful to make you easy in shopping because you don’t need to prepare the cash. Meanwhile, you can earn a lot of discount offers as well as the point that is redeemable for the various interesting reward.

  • Way 3# Take the Coupon

After that, we may also get a lot of information about the coupons for some famous brands or stores as well as the company. Through this coupon, we may be easy to get the deal, discount and the special promotions of those shoe brands. To get the complete information about the coupon, we can get on the official website, social media, online coupon website, newspaper as well as on Flyer Site. You know, they may open this opportunity regularly in each month, weeks as well as every year.

  • Way 4# Install the mobile app

In this millennial era, we may make a habit to use the internet on every each work or moments. Even, all of we agree that the internets very important and has helped us. Well, a mobile application becomes very popular as the effect of the internet’s innovation. Fellas, the most popular brands, stores, as well as company create the mobile application services to get closer with their customers as well as ease the customers’ transaction. Then, installing the app may give the awesome impact for the new users. Somehow, these kinds of app offer the special discount for their first users. Then, try to get this chance and be the one who install the app on your smartphone.

  • Way 5# Join the Sweepstakes

Have you heard a sweepstakes program? Well, it becomes the very interesting program where you can win the cash as well as the gift card. Do you know? You only need to leave your personal information and fill in the online customer survey polling. With no spending a couple of times, you are able to win the sweepstakes and take back your cash. Do you know? You can win $500, $1000, $1500 until $5000 cash or gift card from the sweepstakes. Fellas! The sweepstakes program may be opened on its limited time as you need to be fast taking it when you have recently completed the payment.

  • Way 6# Share the Feedback

For the rest, you are able to share your recent visit experience and feedback on the guest satisfaction survey program. There, you may win the instant discount coupon which will lead you to get the shoes brands with its inexpensive price. Fellas! This page will specially discuss much about a guest satisfaction survey that will directly give you the chance to get the affordable price of those popular shoes brands.

Example of Customer Satisfaction Survey Feedback Program

Well, Friends! You may be curious to share the customer feedback. Actually, there are a lot of kinds of the survey that you can take. This time, you are able to take Hollister Receipt and take TellHCO Survey from Hollister Co. Company. You know, you are able to win Hollister Coupon of 10% Discount for all Hollister Products. To deal with this survey program, you need to prepare some kinds of stuff, and here they are:

  • First of all, you will need a set of the electronic device, a supported browser as well as the internet connection.
  • After that, you need to own the valid Hollister Receipt with the series of Hollister Survey Invitation Codes.

So, Friends! It is the best time to take the survey and apply one of these shopping hacks. We hope that you are happy with it and be happy with the affordable price of your favorite shoes brands. Happy shopping!

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Have You Tried These 10 Popular Types of Ice Cream?


After carrying out activities throughout the day, we will feel tired. Solar heat causes the skin and body fluids to decrease. The hot atmosphere is most suitable if we enjoy ice cream. Who doesn’t know the delicious of ice cream? The whole world recognizes that ice cream is one of the foods that can improve mood. Then at this time, you can easily enjoy ice cream. Because you can find ice cream at the store, at the supermarket etc. That way you can enjoy ice cream whenever and wherever. Furthermore, ice cream has a price that is friendly to consumers. Because ice cream is available from cheap to expensive.

Ice cream comes from various ingredients. Basically ice cream has the basic ingredients of milk. so ice cream is identical to sweet and creamy. But now you can find ice cream with fruit ingredients. The main content of ice cream is calories derived from fat, sugar, and protein. But the most dominant is sugar content. So for those of you who want to lose weight, you have to avoid these foods. Because high sugar content can make your weight easily rise. But, you don’t have to worry. As long as your ice cream consumption does not exceed your needs, your weight will be stable. So you need to consult with health workers regarding your calorie needs in a day.

Get to know the History of Ice Cream.

Well guys, long time ago enjoying ice cream was not as easy as you imagined. Because there was still no cooling engine. Maybe you are curious about the process of making ice cream in the past. So, instead of refrigerating the community collects ice during the winter. They take ice from the lake. Then they store ice in a haystack. So to make ice cream, they use ice and salt. But the results are definitely not like ice at this time.

Ice cream first appeared in 64. Historical records tell of ice cream in a party meal. At that time the concept of ice cream was snow which was served with fruits and honey. So it’s still not as smooth and diverse as it is today. Then the first ice cream dough came from 700 AD. During the reign of Tang Emperor from China, he asked for ice cream. Ice cream comes from cow’s milk, flour, and a little camphor. Then this mixture becomes the basis for making ice cream as it is today. So if you are not noble, it is impossible in the past to enjoy ice cream. Luckily, now you can buy ice cream easily.

10 Popular Ice Cream You Must Try !.

Ice cream is a favorite food for many people. Starting from children to adults like ice cream. Ice cream is perfect for summer. Then sweet foods can increase positive feelings in you. After you enjoy ice cream, you will be excited again in carrying out activities. So what are you waiting for, pick up your favorite ice cream now? If you want to know the type of ice cream, see our review below. We will discuss 10 types of ice cream popular in the world that you need to try. Thus you will not get bored with the type and taste of ice cream.

  1. First, Ice Cream Mochi.

If you hear the name mochi, you will definitely remember Japan. Japan is currently a favorite recreation destination for people in the World. They offer cultural tourism and unique goods produced by the country. Besides the beauty of his country, Japan has a favorite ice cream. They have mochi ice cream. Basically, mochi cake comes from rice flour and filled with red bean paste. But as creativity increases, they turn red beans into ice cream. Then become current mochi ice cream. This ice cream has a soft texture from the mochi cake and the cold sensation comes from ice cream.

  1. Second, Frozen Yogurt.

If you want to enjoy a healthy digestive ice cream, here’s the answer. In America, popular ice cream comes from yogurt. Yogurt is a fermented drink derived from milk. the advantage is this ice cream has a lower fat content. Furthermore, this ice cream becomes more delicious with the addition of fruit, syrup, and chocolate.

  1. Third, Gelato Ice Cream.

Gelato ice cream comes from Italy. Gelato in Italian means frozen. Then this ice cream has a difference when compared to other ice creams. Because they make gelato at higher temperatures. So the gelato texture is softer. Amazingly ice cream gelato has a lower fat content than ice cream in general.

  1. Fourth, Sorbetes.

Sorbetes ice cream comes from the Philippines. The ingredients for making this ice cream are from a mixture of cow’s milk and coconut water. Usually, this ice cream is served with bread or wafer cone.

  1. Fifth, Spaghetti Ice Cream.

This ice cream is almost the same as other ice cream types. But the difference lies in the unique form of ice cream. Yes, this ice cream is shaped like spaghetti.

  1. Sixth, Paletas Ice Cream.

Paletas ice cream comes from Mexico. This ice cream consists of two types. First, it comes from juice and water. Second, ice cream comes from milk and cream.

  1. Seventh, Clotted Cream Ice Cream.

Clotted Cream Ice Cream is a food that comes from England. They make this ice cream from milk, sugar, and eggs.

  1. Eighth, Ice Cream Kulfi.

Kulfi ice cream comes from India. They make ice cream that is different from the ingredients used. Kulfi is made from pistachio, turmeric or cardamom. So this ice cream has a taste similar to frozen custard.

  1. Ninth, Dondurma Ice Cream.

Well, guys, another unique ice cream is Dondurma. You must be patient when you want to buy this ice cream. Because the seller will provide tricks when preparing ice cream. The ingredients for making dondurma include milk, sugar, ointment flour, and mastic tree sap.

  1. Tenth, Peanut Ice Cream.

Peanut ice cream is an ice popular in Malaysia and Singapore. This ice consists of shaved ice, then on top of it will be added jelly, syrup, nuts and milk.

Exposure above is 10 types of ice cream popular in the world. Which ice cream do you want to try? One of the most popular ice cream houses is Dairy Queen. At this outlet, you can enjoy the yummy soft serve ice cream called Blizzard. Then, you also can take part in Dairy Queen survey at This way, you can earn the free treat from this store.

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How do Membership Program Helps your Business?


Have you ever get stressed because of your business’ stagnancy? Friends, you don’t need to feel sad too much as a lot of businesses has ever got this hard moment. Then, one thing that you need to do is about to keep holding on and try to get the other innovation to make it sustain and even better. Well, you need to take a deep breath and get some relaxation. Maybe, they can attract the new inspiration that you can apply to your business’ strategy. Well, Friends! You are on the good page as we are passionate to share some tips that may be useful to enhance your business’ stagnancy. Just be sure that you have been ready with your notes and underlined some of the useful information that may be applicable to your business. Well, here we go!

What is Membership Program?

According to the research’s research that is informed in Forbes Magazines, most of the business claim that they have to spend the expensive budget to get one new customer instead of keeping 7 existence ones. This fact indicates us that trying to get over and over may not a good solution for your business’ stagnancy. Even, we need to deep inside and observes who your loyal customers are. Even, it is not about how many numbers but about how well they satisfied with your products or customers. Then, the question is how to keep them all. Of course, the answer may turn around on how well you treat them. So, it is about the programs, promotions as well as the treatment that you can offer to them.

In this case, we introduce you to create a Membership Program. It is a kind of market strategy that held by a company or business to specifically build the customers loyalty. Further, a membership program will reward the purchasing behavior with the various offers and promotions. If you know, it is the smart strategy to improve the existing customers’ satisfaction and lead them to re-shop on the next occasions. When you think that this program may waste your much money or even energy, you need to delete this point of view then believe in one social habit. Guess what?

When a customer feels satisfied with your services or products, they may tell it to their friends or family. Indeed, they may promote your stores or products to them. Because of their full of trust (because of the strong relationship and supported with the valid proves), they may curious and try to visit or even use your products or services. Of course, one existence customers may attract one other or even more. Then, you try to guide them to join in your Membership Program. Then, you can show your best and give your best offers and promotions, they may attract the other ones. This will happen again and again such as a root. Of course, it will not spend your much energy, time as well as money.

What will Your Customers Get from the Membership Program?

Alright, we all know that most of the company has applied for this Membership Program since some years ago. And, it is more often than before. It is the kind of marketing efforts that try to serve and offer more than the usual performance because of the loyalty. Then, we can get the result which a lot of big companies are getting success because of this Membership Program. Not to mention, we can call My Subway Card. It is one of the successful examples of the Membership Program that held by Subway Incorporation. Through this program, the customers will feel happy and satisfied because of some offers, and here the examples are:

  • Most membership program will be illustrated with the kind of Credit Card or Member Card. Even, the customers can add some digital balance where they don’t need to give the cash while making a purchasing. It is simple and convenient.
  • Then, the membership card may allow the customers to earn or collect the point based on the transaction. So, the more they use the card, the more point they get.
  • Well, the customers have the full authority to redeem those points with some awesome reward. For example, they may get the free products or services, discount offers, as well as the interesting merchandise.
  • After that, the membership program may lead the users to get the regular discount on every purchasing that they made. Even, you may limit it on some minimum purchasing.
  • At last, the membership program opens the opportunity to get the current information about a company. It is because this program the line so everyone can access the information.

What are the Benefits of Creating the Membership Program Your Business?

Well, we have talked much about the benefits of joining the membership program in the customers’ side. Then, it is the time to you as the marketer or owner to know how well this membership program helping you to increase the business’ stagnancy. Anyway, we have nine reasons why this program is awfully perfect. And, here the reasons are:

  • Reason 1# Boost the business’ progress

We can find out a lot of successful business in this world are applied for a membership program in this performance. As we have mentioned above, we have Subway Incorporation that has succeeded in operating for more than five thousand chains in the United States and even in the nation worldwide. Or, we can see Kentucky Fried Chicken also become the king of Fast-Food Chain in this world. And, it has applied for membership or loyalty program in its operation. Alright, we can get the numerous research proved that it really impacts on the business’ growth.

  • Reason 2# The cheap market strategy

When we have spent a lot of budget on the advertisement, promotion or even the maintenance, we need to be creative to look for the cheaper one to improve the business’ stagnancy. Well, membership program is the answer or reach this goal. We have mentioned a full of the illustration above that a marketer will spend less money to treat seven loyal customers instead of reaching the new ones.

  • Reason 3# Boost the Reputation

Somehow, this membership program may be the real business promotions. Beside of using the mass media both of digital and conventional, the membership program may be helpful. Yes, your reputation may be directly boosted when a customer feels satisfied then he/she tell it to their community. Well, it saves your energy as the society can know your service or products as soon as possible.

  • Reason 4# Increase the sales

For the next, the offers of membership program may attract the customers to shop again and again. Automatically, it will increase your sales including the income and even its revenue. When your customers hope to earn the point, they will never think twice to shop and visit your store or even they spend a lot of numbers of purchasing in order to gain the offers or reward from the membership program. It is helpful and interesting.

  • Reason 5# The vital and real research

Friends, you have to believe that there is no magic in a business. It means that you need to pass the wonderful time before getting the achievement or success. Even you have created a membership program; it may not close the fail possibilities. Then, it is your vital market research and trial to observe what the best are for your customers and get knows what the customers need. Believe it or not, a lot of trial and errors are the best drug to empower you to give the much effort.

  • Reason 6# Increase the customer’s satisfaction

The main reason for conducting a membership or loyalty program is about to lead the customers happy and satisfied. Of course, their satisfaction will never be useless for your business’ sustainability.

  • Reason 7# The simple and interesting promotions

After that, the membership program is one of the best tools to attract the other innovation and inspiration. Indeed, you should offer the regular promotion and reward in each transaction. Through this membership program, we will be easy to offer the various kinds of reward. It may include the in-store as well as the digital reward offers.

  • Reason 8# Once it starts, you will never stop

And, the membership program may attract the customers to engage. It is cyclical nature that the more customers are happy with the reward or services, they prefer to try it again and again. Then, your assignment is about to get focused on improving the performance by keeping or even gain the quality, combine with the interesting promotions as well as keep the good communication with your customers.

  • Reason 9# Observe the kinds of customers

For the rest, the membership program can be the proper information and report of the customers’ background. Well, it is the valuable references where you can make a map of your customers. By knowing this identity or categories, you will be easy to decide the promotions or performance and directly shoot the object of it.

How to Join in a Membership Program?

Well, every each customer may curious to be the part of the member of such famous business or company. Anyway, the steps are completely easy and available on the internet. Yes, you can find out the easy tutorial to be the member of Walmart One, Subway Customers or even RaceTrac Members. Even, we will give you some easy guidelines to enroll in a membership program. And, here the steps are:

  • Step one:

First of all, you may need to prepare the electronic device, the browser and the stable internet connection. When all devices are ready, you can launch the official site of those companies. For example, you can visit to take part in the Subway Membership Program

  • Step two:

After that, you can choose the menu that links to the membership registration. Somehow, the websites show the menu with Membership, Subway Card, and much more titles.

  • Step three:

For the next, you are able to enter some keys to open the services. But, you have not had the account yet. So, you need to register your account before accessing the benefits of those membership program benefits.

  • Step four:

Well, you can click on the registration link. Then, you may fill in the personal information and your contact details. In this case, you have to be careful as you must provide the honest and true information.

  • Step five:

You may need to complete the notification on your email or even phone according to the account that you have recently registered. So that’s why, it is better to place your phone and email active and nearby.

  • Step six:

After completing the notification, you may need to create the username and password. Somehow, you should be better to keep it secret and notes it on your secure phone. Also, you may need to allow and agree the user’s form, privacy policy as well as the rules and requirements. When you have tapped on all of the buttons, you can start using your membership card.

Well, Friends! Joining the membership program can be run through the offline access. In some cases, you can directly go ahead and request to the customer service or even the cashier to activate your account. In line with the online requirements, you may need to mention the true personal information as well as confirming the email or phone numbers.


Alright, we have talked much about the benefits of the membership program for both of the marketer or owner as well as the customers itself. Then, you are good to practice it on your business and don’t ever give up any problems that may appear. Well, membership program is not a secret anymore as everyone will agree that it is the effective market strategy.  Thanks for reading this page and we need your support to always keep in touch with us. If you find something went wrong or you have the opinion or suggestion, you are able to leave your comments below. Stay be creative and best luck!

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Find the Low Speed of the Restaurant Service? Here Some Things You Need to Do!


Fellas! Some of you must ever go to your lovely restaurants and somehow, you don’t get the best service. Indeed, you have a right to start complaining to the official staff member. But, maybe, you don’t want to make any noise as you think your complaints will never be heard by the restaurants’ team. Indeed, you have the right to speak up your mind about the restaurant service.

Just so you know, when you are ready enough, you can start following the steps. Yes, you are going to speak up your mind about the low speed of the service without worrying about anything. Of course, you just need to follow some tips and you will know how pleasing it is to complain elegantly. Well, they are:

  • Tip 1: Talk with the Restaurant Team and Ask Questions

First of all, you can give a try to talk to the employee in order to ask questions. Not to mention, you may get your food is no longer hot or fresh. In this case, you can politely ask why your food is no longer fresh. And, if the employees explain something, you can try to listen to them. In case you cannot accept the reasons, you may politely ask for another food as the change. And, you can say thank you when the staff member gives you another one. But, if you get nothing and even get some insults or unpleasing response, you can try the next tips. Don’t worry!

  • Tip 2: Write Your Critics on the Restaurant Feedback Form

And then, you can start to get the sheet of the restaurant form that is available at the restaurant. You know, you can write something such as critics, suggestions, and other else. In this case, you can start to write your complaints about whether you get the food that is no longer fresh. And then, you can also mention how you have tried to get another one and the employee rejected you. If it is necessary, you can also write the name of the staff member. Yes, it will be complete if you also mention the date and time of the moment when it happens.

  • Tip 3: Contact the Restaurant Customer Service

For the next, you can also try to contact the restaurant customer service. You know, there will be some contacts that you can find. First, you can check it on the banner of the restaurant. Or maybe, you can also check it on the mobile application of the restaurant. Yes, you will get the online form of the survey that you can fill. Somehow, you can also access the restaurant website. And then, you can check the contact us page in order to complete the feedback form. Yes, the details that you must write must be brief, specific, and clear.

  • Tip 4: Fill the Customer Satisfaction Survey

And the last, you can fill the customer satisfaction survey. As you know, there are some customer surveys held by famous restaurants. In this case, you can check the link of the online customer survey on the receipt that you get from your transaction. You know, some restaurants also provide the customer surveys through phone or mail. And, you can choose the one that you like the most.

For your information, some of the restaurants offer rewards or prizes for the participants. And, you can be one of those participants who win the prize and enjoy the instant rewards. One of the best customer surveys that you can try is Taco Bell Customer Service Survey. You know, you will be able to win $500 prize from the customer survey sweepstakes program. If you are curious about it, you can follow the steps to be the winner. They are:

  • Step 1: Go To the Restaurant for the Receipt

Yes, you need to visit the restaurant and buy a menu from the restaurant. You know, you will get the receipt that has the survey code. By using that code, you can enter the survey. Therefore, you must not lose that receipt.

  • Step 2: Go To the Survey Website

And then, you can try to access the survey website. You know, you can get the link on your receipt. Yes, you need to find the online access and a device with the browser. Of course, you need to be sure that you access the correct survey website.

  • Step 3: Fill the Entire Survey Form

After that, you can fill the entire survey form. If you see, the survey will ask you some questions. Not to mention, you need to give the scale of the ratings in order to decide whether the service is satisfying or not. If you find that the restaurant service is not satisfying, you can choose the low scale. And, it is also the same when you find the service is pleasing. You can choose the high scale of the rating. Anyway, you will also find a space where you can write your feedback. Of course, you can use the moment to fill your feedback such as about the menu that is not fresh, and so on.

  • Step 4: Join the Sweepstakes Program to Win

And the last, you will get the offer to join the sweepstakes program. Now, if you think you do really want to be the $500 cash winner, you must join. Indeed, you don’t have to pay for anything or do anything to join. Yes, you just have to fill your details like your name and so on. At the same website, you will get the chance to win the prize.

Well, those are the tips and steps to be brave in giving some complaints in brilliant ways. No doubt, it is your right to speak up your opinion. As you can see, your opinion will lead the restaurant team to improve the service quality for you. Yes, it will be important that you share your feedback. In this case, other customers may feel the same but they are afraid of speaking up their opinion. By being brave, you are helping the restaurant and other customers to get the better service or foods. Nice, isn’t it?

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How to Get Awesome Traveling When You are Broke?


Every each of us likes to go traveling and explore many places that we have not known before. But somehow, most of us think and believe in that money is one of the factors that may burden us. All of us will directly agree that to go traveling we need a lot of money. So, most of us will get focused to overthink that we will never go traveling and even go overseas because we don’t have money. But, only a few of us get focused on how to overcome this problem. However, the real traveler will never think about how rich money they can earn or even how complete they have the stuff. On the contrary, the may think about how well they contemplate the nature, the locals, as well as all things that they get on the trip.

By the way, this page gives you some tricky tips to get the awesome traveling when you are broke. One more time, your budget should not burden your happiness. Guess how? It is because you have the right to create your happiness. And, it is not depended on how rich or even how popular you are. Alright, Friends! Here, some tips that you can do on traveling when you are broke, those are:

  • Know your ability and be yourself

The first tip is about to make sure yourself that you really know your ability. It means that you know your budget status, how much money you have, or how complete your stuff is. Somehow, we can see some people getting prestige to always choose the prestigious destination, and much more. Before getting closer to your traveling, you support yourself that you are ready with all possibilities that may come on your traveling. Guys, it may be good when you believe in that be yourself is better instead of being prestige without ignoring our limitation.

  • Find out the affordable destination

For the next, you must be sure that you are not too picky to choose your destination. Guys, it does not mean that you just pick it up randomly. But, you have to select the affordable travel destination. When you realize that you don’t have a lot of cash or even the credit card balance, you don’t need to visit the prestigious place. Meanwhile, you can choose the affordable place such as the lake, mountain, park, temples, and much more.

  • Travel slow

The next tip is about to take the slow travel. To deal with this tip, you have to make sure that you have the longtime holiday from your office or school. Well, Guys! When you cannot book the flight or even the high-speed train, you must be good to choose the slower train or even the economic bus. Of course, they may have the different cost rates where it may be your consideration to use the money to the other necessities. Moreover, we can get a lot of travelers are enjoying to go traveling using a bike, motorcycle, or even walk to move to one places to the others.

  • Believe in WWOOFing

Guys, we have to know that WWOOFing stands for World Wide Opportunities of Organic Farm. Even, you have to believe in this when you want to get the awesome traveling when you are broke. Guys, this platform may lead you to get the free room, breakfast, and much more. And, for the feedback, you need to do something for them. For instance, you may work on the farm, be the translator, or even you can create the traveling website for the local people there. We can call it the sharing economy where you help the locals to show the skill. Not to mention, you can publish the video of the traditional dances, the local-meals, and much more.

  • Be humble and not shy to ask

After that, when you go traveling or even go overseas, you need to have the big heart and be flexible with the locals. It means that you do not argue to plopping down your bag and say yes to every single unexpected opportunity. Guys, you don’t need to be shy when you ask for help from the locals. Even, the most important attitude that you must show is being humble instead of being arrogant.

  • Be creative

Well, some people may get successes to explore the countries cities no matter they are broke. Well, everything is about you. As we stated above, traveling is not always about how rich you are but how creative you are in overcoming every single difficulty that may appear.

  • Find out the Free Meal Coupons

For the rest, you should not worry to seek the free meal coupon programs. For instance, you can try to take the guest satisfaction survey program and complete the questionnaires. Somehow, most of the surveys will give you the instant reward such as free meal coupons, instant cash, or even the discount.

Then, the basic thing that you can do is about to visit the nearest stores or even a fast food chain that open the free meal survey programs. To get this information, you can use your smartphone and get the pages which serve the list of customer survey program. If you are difficult to get the location, you can use your Google map or the Store Locator Device to get over the locations. For example, you can locate Burger King Near me at or www.GoogleMap.cpm when you want to take MyBKExperience Survey. Do you know? You can win free Burger King Whopper from this customer survey program.

Well, Guys! We have talked all tips to help you reach the awesome traveling when you are broke. Even, we have to believe that no ones can stop you to be happy. Meanwhile, you have the right to create your own happiness. Thanks for reading this page and trust us as your guides for your awesome traveling. Wish you luck!

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About Fruits and How you Combine it


In actuality, natural product is useful for our body. A wide range of natural products contains the vitamin and mineral. Most organic products are wealthy in Vitamin C. Along these lines, devouring organic product regards increment your safe framework. Along these lines, devouring organic product is the best approach to have the adjusted eating routine. Moreover, organic product likewise causes you to keep the ceaseless issue. The organic product contains some fundamental supplements.

For example, it contains the potassium. Potassium can limit the cardiovascular issue hazard. Along these lines, you can keep the stroke. The natural product is likewise wealthy in fiber. Expending fiber is useful for your stomach related framework. A few organic products additionally contain folate. This substance empowers the body shape Red Blood Cells effortlessly. That is the reason folate is useful for the pregnant ladies. Folate will improve the development of the baby. Continue perusing this article to discover the best natural product.

Best Fruits You Need to Know

You have to know the best organic product which can keep up your wellbeing. Along these lines, you can expend this sort of organic product consistently. Here is the rundown of the natural product which is gainful for your wellbeing.

  • Peach.

Peach contains the potassium. This substance is useful for the muscle and nerve wellbeing. The most nutritious piece of peach is in the skin. Along these lines, when you eat peaches, you ought not to peel it. Peaches’ skin is wealthy in the cancer prevention agent and fiber. Peach is the ideal approach to give the sweetness on the off chance that you are on slim down.

  • Pineapple.

We some of the time discover the pineapple as the enhancement on the platter. Be that as it may, this natural product regards expend. Pineapple is wealthy in calming. In this way, it will work viably on your wellbeing. Furthermore, the bromelain in the pineapple can assist you with reducing the heart assault hazard. It can keep the stroke too.

  • Grapes.

Grapes are the prominent organic product on the planet. There are numerous sorts of grapes. For your data, grapes can assist you with preventing the elevated cholesterol. Plus, it is additionally great to settle the cardiovascular issue. Besides, grapes additionally contain potassium and iron. These substances assist you with solving the paleness and muscle issue. Like mangoes, grapes keep your invulnerable framework. At that point, it encourages you to build the bone development.

  • Papaya.

A wide range of natural organic products are the best alternatives for your wellbeing. When you are shopping for the natural product, you need to pick the natural once. The natural organic product will taste better. It is on the grounds that this natural product is free of the additives and pesticide. At that point, it is likewise free from the Genetically Modified Organism. In the event that you buy papaya, ensure that you pick the natural papaya. The papaya contains the vitamin An and C. In this way; it is useful for our skin and resistance. Moreover, Papaya additionally contains the protein which helps your stomach related framework. You can eat papaya specifically. In addition, it is likewise great to make papaya smoothie. You can put papaya on your cereal also. Besides, adding papaya to your organic product salsa is additionally a smart thought.

Those are some tropical organic products which can be the best natural product for your wellbeing. You can choose the organic product you like. Ensure that you just devour the natural organic product. Along these lines, you can keep up your wellbeing.

The Overviews of the Best Food Combination

In our day by day life, we find numerous examples of sustenance mix. We regularly do this consistently. The nourishment mix isn’t only the culinary craftsmanship. Lamentably, we don’t know mindful that some nourishment mixes can influence our wellbeing. We typically eat some sustenance on account of the propensity. Our parent may regularly join some sustenance. At that point, we keep doing that propensity. Just a couple of individuals consider that what they eat can give the terrible impact.

We prescribe you to get some information about the adjusted eating routine. At that point, you likewise can get some information about the sound sustenance blend. Eating well isn’t simply expending vegetable or natural product. We have to know the correct blend so we can satisfy our body’s need. Recorded beneath are the basic mix of sustenance which can be appalling for your wellbeing.

  • Eating the steak with the egg.

Joining the diverse protein is anything but a smart thought. It will be better in the event that you devour the egg together with the vegetables. At that point, you can eat the steak for your supper. On the off chance that you expend the overwhelming protein, for example, meat early in the day, your digestion will be slower. Thus, you should begin your day by devouring the light dinner. In the event that you compel your body to process the high protein when you are dynamic, we can get unsteady. It is on the grounds that we don’t have enough blood keeping in mind the end goal to deal with the movement.

  • Milk and banana.

The essence of banana smoothie might be so scrumptious. In any case, this mix can drive down your body. Banana and drain can deliver a poison which can hurt your body. There will be the horrendous gas in your stomach. You can lean toward drinking chocolate drain as opposed to banana drain.

  • Marinara spaghetti with American cheddar.

This is the terrible blend of sustenance. In the wake of eating one full bit of the spaghetti, you may get yourself hard to stand up and walk. It is on account of the tomato sauce in the spaghetti is high in corrosive. Along these lines, you ought not to blend it with the boring nourishment. This nourishment blend is hard to process. At that point, it will better in the event that you abstain from expending the lasagna and spaghetti alongside the tomato sauce.

  • Bread with nutty spread or stick.

The blend of bread with scrumptious nutty spread or stick might be the straightforward breakfast menu. You should see that this blend can expand the glucose. Along these lines, your body should discharge more insulin to diminish it. That is the reason we discharge more vitality to process. Also, we can lose much vitality. Thus, we will be hard to think.

  • Eating natural product after protein.

The majority of us will devour the organic product in the wake of having the dinner. In any case, it is off-base. We need to eat the natural product before expending the primary menu. We ought not to consolidate the natural product with another sustenance. It is on the grounds that the organic product contains the normal sugar. Additionally, the starches and meat contain the confused sugar. When we expend the organic product with the protein or carbo, we can endure the stomach torment. It is on account of our body creates substantially more gas from the aging procedure.

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13 Facts about Sonic Drive In Restaurant


Do you have your time at Sonic Drive-In restaurant? Well, this restaurant is one of the favorite restaurants in the United States. As a drive-in restaurant, this place has been a great place to enjoy your meals with your loved ones. You may have heard about Sonic Drive-In Restaurant a lot. But, we guess you have not known much about it. There are some interesting facts about Sonic Drive-In which you may need to know. Just keep on reading the following list.

  1. Sonic began its journey as a root beer stand

Before Troy Smith builds Sonic Drive-In restaurant, he already runs a root beer stand in Shawnee, Oklahoma in 1953. He also sold burgers and hot dogs at this root beer stand.

  1. Intercom ordering system brought the luck

Troy Smith got the idea of using Intercom ordering system when he visited a Louisiana restaurant. This restaurant has a drive-in concept. This restaurant provided an Intercom ordering system for customers. So, customers are able to make orders using this system. Next, Troy Smith adopts this concept in his own restaurant. He installed intercom wires at his restaurant parking lot. This idea has given him profits 3 times bigger than what he got in the early years of his restaurant.

  1. Charles Pappe was the first franchise owner of Sonic Drive-In

The idea of the drive-in restaurant concept has got Charles Pappe interested. Charles Pappe was an entrepreneur. He decided to negotiate a franchise of Sonic Drive-in the restaurant with Troy Smith in 1956. Then, Charles Pappe made the first Sonic Drive-In franchise in Woodward, Oklahoma.

  1. Frankie Avalon was a part of Sonic’s success

The involvement of Frankie Avalon was a successful advertising campaign for Sonic Drive-In restaurant. Sonic hired him as the restaurant spokesman from 1987 until 1993. Frankie Avalon was a former teen idol. He is an Italian American actor and singer. Frankie gave a great influence on the rapid development of Sonic Drive-In restaurant. No wonder, there were some expansions made by Sonic Drive-In during its collaboration with Frankie Avalon

  1. Sonic provided “Service with the Speed of Sound”

The word Sonic was actually a way to represent the fast service of this restaurant. Thus, the first slogan of this restaurant was Service with the Speed of Sound. This slogan was so popular in 1958. But, then the slogans changed a few times. Sonic drive-in restaurant has used other slogans, such as Happy Eating, America’s Drive-In, Faster and Better Than Ever, No Place Hops Like Sonic, Drive-In For A Change, and many more. The current slogan used since 2016 by Sonic Drive-In restaurant is You Guys Wanna Hang Out Sometime.

  1. Sonic Beach is the great leap

Even though Sonic is well-known for its drive-in concept, this restaurant has got another concept to attract more customers. Built-in Homestead, this restaurant created Sonic Beach with include quite different features from Sonic Drive-In. Homestead is a beach city in Florida.  Because the location is in beachside, Sonic Beach puts its seating outdoor, complete with TVs. Of course, there will be seafood menus as well.

  1. Roller Skates make your meals come faster

The iconic service of Sonic Drive-In is the carhop delivers. Employees of this restaurant wear roller skates to deliver orders to the customers’ vehicles. Every year, Sonic Drive-In also holds a carhop competition to select the best employee of Sonic Drive-In.

  1. The headquarters is in Oklahoma

As you know, Troy Smith started everything about Sonic in Shawnee.  It is a small city in Oklahoma. But, Sonic Drive-In headquarters is in Oklahoma City right now. It is 35 miles away from Shawnee.

  1. Sonic Drive-In holds a customer survey

Sonic is never hesitated to give the best service to its customers. Thus, it conducts Talk to Sonic guest satisfaction survey. The aim is to measure the satisfaction level of its customers. Besides, Sonic uses this customer survey to find what customers think of menu and services at Sonic Drive-In. Or, they get problems when they dine in at Sonic Drive-In. everyone can access Sonic Drive-In guest satisfaction survey at Then, all respondents of Sonic customer survey will get a free Route 44 as the survey reward. In other survey seasons, customers may get different rewards from Sonic guest satisfaction survey. All information about the survey reward is available on Sonic survey invitation. You may find the invitation on Sonic Drive-in purchase receipt.

  1. Sonic’s specialty is the burger

Sonic Drive-In is the right place to get fast foods. Among all fast foods served at Sonic Drive-In, the signature dish at this restaurant is burgers. Based on the number of total calories, Jr. Deluxe burger has the smallest amount of 380 total calories. But, the biggest amounts of total calories belong to SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger with Mayo. It has 1030 calories with the most amounts of fat, cholesterol, sodium, and protein.

  1. Cherry limeade is the favorite

The most famous beverage at Sonic Drive-In the restaurant is Cherry Limeade. With its popularity, Sonic is able to provide so much Cheery Limeade for a year that it can fill over 15 pools with Olympic size.

  1. A help is one call away

Got a problem at Sonic drive In? Just let them know and get the problems solved. You can contact the restaurant by phone. In case you need the Sonic customer service phone number, you can dial 1 866 OKSONIC or 1 866 657 6642 for immediate assistance. Besides, there are more ways to contact the customer service at Sonic Drive-In. For example, you can fill in the feedback form on Sonic’s official website at, send letters to the address of Sonic’s corporate office, or share your feedbacks on Sonic’s social media pages.

  1. Sonic App is will be your saver

Want the easier way to do your Sonic activities? Make sure you use Sonic App. You can download this mobile app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. once you download Sonic App, you have a right to receive a free slush or drinks from Sonic Drive-In. Besides, you may get more benefits from this app. For instance, you can use Sonic Store Locator available on this mobile app. This way, you can find Sonic Drive-In locations easily. Then, you are able to pay what you have purchased from Sonic using this app. Next, Sonic mobile app will help you to send gift cards to your friends. And you will get more advantages if you installed Sonic mobile app on your phone.

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Benefits Of Joining Restaurant Loyalty Program


Have you joined a restaurant loyalty program? If you have not done it yet, you should try it. A restaurant loyalty program is a particular program made for customers by a restaurant chain company. Today, there are a lot of companies operating restaurant chains launched a restaurant loyalty program. It is because this restaurant loyalty program gives some benefits for customers and the companies themselves.

Of course, restaurant companies have certain reasons behind this loyalty program. These companies may set this loyalty program because they have some goals to achieve. The goals are relatable to one another. The main goal is that to attract more customers to visit their restaurant.

The Purpose of Offering Loyalty Program

As stated before, each restaurant has its own purpose of offering the loyalty program. As like its name, the loyalty program aims to increase the customers’ loyalty. The more loyal customers, the more frequently they will visit the restaurant. Then, the result is that the restaurant can increase the sales. Below are the examples of the goal of the restaurant’s loyalty program.

  • First, they want to keep customers coming back to their restaurants. If customers make frequent returns to the restaurants, there will be the significant effect to the sales improvement.
  • Second, restaurants owners want to increase restaurant sales. The numbers of customers coming back to the restaurant will give impact to the profits.
  • Third, owners want to escalate their business level. The more profit they get from the restaurant, the better their business level is.
  • Fourth, restaurant owners are eager to have the strong relationship with the customers. So, it will be easier for the restaurant to apply their marketing strategies using the restaurant loyalty program.

The Benefits of Joining the Loyalty Program

With those goals above, restaurant owners should be able to create an interesting restaurant loyalty program. Besides, they should be ready to provide loyalty program benefits for customers. This way, customers will be happy to join it. For instance, the benefits which customers can receive from a restaurant loyalty program are:

  1. Get a registration reward

First, you may get a reward once you join a restaurant loyalty program. The reward from every loyalty program is not the same. Some restaurants may give you a free menu item if you sign up for their loyalty programs. Besides, some other restaurants may offer discounts on your next purchases if your registration to the restaurant loyalty program is successful. You can make the registration on the restaurant official website. Or, you may download the restaurant mobile app and create an account for joining the loyalty program.

  1. Earn points

Second, customers may earn points from a restaurant loyalty program. The rules of earning points may vary at different restaurants. If you are a member of a restaurant loyalty program, you may receive points for your purchases. The program may count your points based on the dollar amounts you spend at the restaurant. Or, it will be based on the number of visits you make to the restaurant for certain periods. Then, the program will accumulate your total points. At certain points, there will be special rewards for you. Besides, you can save your points for bigger rewards. For example, you can receive a free medium pizza from Pizza Hut if you earn 200 points. Next, you may get a free large pizza for 250 points.

  1. Receive free coupons

Third, you will get restaurant coupons for free. As a member of a restaurant loyalty program, you must get privileges from the restaurant. The restaurant may launch the special coupons on special occasions. For instance, you may receive coupons when restaurants are celebrating its anniversary. The coupons can be in the form of free item coupons, discount coupons, or BOGO coupons. Terms and conditions may apply to these restaurant coupons. Make sure you use the coupons before they get expired.

  1. Get exclusive promotions and updates

Fourth, you may get exclusive promotions. All members of a restaurant loyalty program will get the privileges to be the first ones to receive the information. Restaurants may announce their deals via email, messages, or notifications on your loyalty program account. This way, you will get bigger chances to take the promotions. Besides, you may receive the latest updates from the restaurant. For instance, you will be a VIP guest for their exclusive celebrations if you are a member of the restaurant loyalty program.

  1. Receive your birthday gift

Fifth, you will be able to receive a birthday gift from the restaurant. You will get this privilege as long as you are a member of this loyalty program. A lot of restaurants offer this privilege to its loyalty program member. This is why; you should provide your birth date when you are filling in the registration form for joining the restaurant loyalty program.

  1. Get your children’s birthday gift

Sixth, your children may get the reward from the restaurant loyalty program as well. Several restaurants allow you to involve your kids in their loyalty programs. For example, you are signing up for Perkins eclub. Then, you are able to inform your children’s birth dates on the registration form. Next, Perkins restaurant will give your children a birthday gift when the day has come.

  1. Browse restaurant menu

Seventh, you may get an opportunity to browse the newest restaurant menu. You may search which menu items you want to try at the restaurant. Some restaurants may offer you to try their newest dishes, so you can be the one to taste their special menu items. Besides, the new menu may be available for a short period. So, make sure you come to the restaurant very soon.

  1. Make online payment

Eighth, you can make the online payment if you are a member of a loyalty program. You just need to sign in to your account, make orders, and pay it from your account.

  1. Find location

Ninth, you will be able to find location. Several restaurant loyalty programs require you to download their restaurant mobile apps. If you have installed a mobile app, you may be able to use a store locator feature there. This locator will help you to find the nearest restaurant location which you prefer.

  1. Friend invitation rewards

Tenth, you can get a reward after you have invited your friends to join the restaurant loyalty program. A few restaurants create this offer, so you can enjoy the rewards from a restaurant loyalty program with your squad.

Those are the benefits of joining a restaurant loyalty program. Very attractive, right? Now, go grab your phone and sign up. You will thank us later.

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