13 Facts about Sonic Drive In Restaurant


Do you have your time at Sonic Drive-In restaurant? Well, this restaurant is one of the favorite restaurants in the United States. As a drive-in restaurant, this place has been a great place to enjoy your meals with your loved ones. You may have heard about Sonic Drive-In Restaurant a lot. But, we guess you have not known much about it. There are some interesting facts about Sonic Drive-In which you may need to know. Just keep on reading the following list.

  1. Sonic began its journey as a root beer stand

Before Troy Smith builds Sonic Drive-In restaurant, he already runs a root beer stand in Shawnee, Oklahoma in 1953. He also sold burgers and hot dogs at this root beer stand.

facts about sonic
facts about sonic
  1. Intercom ordering system brought the luck

Troy Smith got the idea of using Intercom ordering system when he visited a Louisiana restaurant. This restaurant has a drive-in concept. This restaurant provided an Intercom ordering system for customers. So, customers are able to make orders using this system. Next, Troy Smith adopts this concept in his own restaurant. He installed intercom wires at his restaurant parking lot. This idea has given him profits 3 times bigger than what he got in the early years of his restaurant.

  1. Charles Pappe was the first franchise owner of Sonic Drive-In

The idea of the drive-in restaurant concept has got Charles Pappe interested. Charles Pappe was an entrepreneur. He decided to negotiate a franchise of Sonic Drive-in the restaurant with Troy Smith in 1956. Then, Charles Pappe made the first Sonic Drive-In franchise in Woodward, Oklahoma.

  1. Frankie Avalon was a part of Sonic’s success

The involvement of Frankie Avalon was a successful advertising campaign for Sonic Drive-In restaurant. Sonic hired him as the restaurant spokesman from 1987 until 1993. Frankie Avalon was a former teen idol. He is an Italian American actor and singer. Frankie gave a great influence on the rapid development of Sonic Drive-In restaurant. No wonder, there were some expansions made by Sonic Drive-In during its collaboration with Frankie Avalon

  1. Sonic provided “Service with the Speed of Sound”

The word Sonic was actually a way to represent the fast service of this restaurant. Thus, the first slogan of this restaurant was Service with the Speed of Sound. This slogan was so popular in 1958. But, then the slogans changed a few times. Sonic drive-in restaurant has used other slogans, such as Happy Eating, America’s Drive-In, Faster and Better Than Ever, No Place Hops Like Sonic, Drive-In For A Change, and many more. The current slogan used since 2016 by Sonic Drive-In restaurant is You Guys Wanna Hang Out Sometime.

  1. Sonic Beach is the great leap

Even though Sonic is well-known for its drive-in concept, this restaurant has got another concept to attract more customers. Built-in Homestead, this restaurant created Sonic Beach with include quite different features from Sonic Drive-In. Homestead is a beach city in Florida.  Because the location is in beachside, Sonic Beach puts its seating outdoor, complete with TVs. Of course, there will be seafood menus as well.

  1. Roller Skates make your meals come faster

The iconic service of Sonic Drive-In is the carhop delivers. Employees of this restaurant wear roller skates to deliver orders to the customers’ vehicles. Every year, Sonic Drive-In also holds a carhop competition to select the best employee of Sonic Drive-In.

  1. The headquarters is in Oklahoma

As you know, Troy Smith started everything about Sonic in Shawnee.  It is a small city in Oklahoma. But, Sonic Drive-In headquarters is in Oklahoma City right now. It is 35 miles away from Shawnee.

facts about sonic
facts about sonic
  1. Sonic Drive-In holds a customer survey

Sonic is never hesitated to give the best service to its customers. Thus, it conducts Talk to Sonic guest satisfaction survey. The aim is to measure the satisfaction level of its customers. Besides, Sonic uses this customer survey to find what customers think of menu and services at Sonic Drive-In. Or, they get problems when they dine in at Sonic Drive-In. everyone can access Sonic Drive-In guest satisfaction survey at talktosonic.com. Then, all respondents of Sonic customer survey will get a free Route 44 as the survey reward. In other survey seasons, customers may get different rewards from Sonic guest satisfaction survey. All information about the survey reward is available on Sonic survey invitation. You may find the invitation on Sonic Drive-in purchase receipt.

  1. Sonic’s specialty is the burger

Sonic Drive-In is the right place to get fast foods. Among all fast foods served at Sonic Drive-In, the signature dish at this restaurant is burgers. Based on the number of total calories, Jr. Deluxe burger has the smallest amount of 380 total calories. But, the biggest amounts of total calories belong to SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger with Mayo. It has 1030 calories with the most amounts of fat, cholesterol, sodium, and protein.

  1. Cherry limeade is the favorite

The most famous beverage at Sonic Drive-In the restaurant is Cherry Limeade. With its popularity, Sonic is able to provide so much Cheery Limeade for a year that it can fill over 15 pools with Olympic size.

  1. A help is one call away

Got a problem at Sonic drive In? Just let them know and get the problems solved. You can contact the restaurant by phone. In case you need the Sonic customer service phone number, you can dial 1 866 OKSONIC or 1 866 657 6642 for immediate assistance. Besides, there are more ways to contact the customer service at Sonic Drive-In. For example, you can fill in the feedback form on Sonic’s official website at www.sonicdrivein.com, send letters to the address of Sonic’s corporate office, or share your feedbacks on Sonic’s social media pages.

  1. Sonic App is will be your saver

Want the easier way to do your Sonic activities? Make sure you use Sonic App. You can download this mobile app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. once you download Sonic App, you have a right to receive a free slush or drinks from Sonic Drive-In. Besides, you may get more benefits from this app. For instance, you can use Sonic Store Locator available on this mobile app. This way, you can find Sonic Drive-In locations easily. Then, you are able to pay what you have purchased from Sonic using this app. Next, Sonic mobile app will help you to send gift cards to your friends. And you will get more advantages if you installed Sonic mobile app on your phone.