The Benefits That You’ll Get To Use The Restaurant Membercard


For you hunters of delicious foods but still want to save, you must have the member card of a restaurant or get a restaurant voucher online. By getting the member card or voucher online, you can get a discount price but you can still eat deliciously. So many people want some offers like this, this makes many companies compete to make membercard or sell vouchers. One of the official website that offer member cards and some promotions discount to eat is on MySubwayCard.

You Just Need To Pay A Half Of Price

If you have the member card of a certain restaurant, usually you will get the information that that restaurant will give eating vouchers with the terms and condition apply. One of the promotions that you can get by having the member card of the restaurant is you just need to pay a half of price. This promotion also you can get by online restaurant vouchers. Some of that even provide half price and more discounts. This will certainly attract buyers to try the menu of that restaurant. So, you can eat cheap all the time.

Still Can Eat Delicious And Cheap

By using a member card and promo online voucher you can eat delicious and cheap. There are many places to eat with online restaurant promo vouchers, one of the official website that gives a promo by using the MySubwayCard member card. This restaurant will give you good service and delicious food. This certainly will provide a memorable experience of luxury but cheap meals.

Can Eat More

When you get a discount by using a member card, so it means that you only pay a half but with the normal portion. Imagine if you use the promo for that member card restaurant with normal price, so you can eat the double portion.

Try Some Menus

You may also use the promo from the member card to try various dishes in the restaurant, maybe for some kind of food have a normal price which is quite expensive, but with the promo from using the member card, you can buy it just by paying half the price.

After we talking about the discount that you will get by using the member card or voucher online by the official website likes MySubwayCard. Now, we will talk about how you can calculate the benefits from discounts or promotions. You may be familiar with the calculation of discount in the form of percentage discount. But for some the other promo, maybe you will find the difficulty in calculating it.


This promotion is usually applied in clothing sales and other goods. Cashback promotions are an interesting form of promotion because people usually think that they will get cash. Whereas, generally the cashback promos are given in the form of vouchers. For example, for every 100.000 IDR purchased, you will be given a cashback of 500.000 IDR. Cashback is usually given in the form of vouchers or points that will give on your account, or credit included in the credit card.

Actually, this advantage is unfair, it is calculated in the form of a percentage because the profits obtained are not in the form of cash. If the voucher purchased is not related to your needs, so the voucher will be less useful.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

This promo is the one of promo that often offers in some stores. For this promo, you can also easily calculate the percentage of profits. The trick is to multiply the price of the item by the number of the item obtained ( in this case the item number is 2) then reduce the total price by the price of the goods that must be paid. You can see the percentage of the remaining price compared to the total price that you should pay if you buy 2 items.

For example the price of goods 100.000 IDR and get the promo to buy 1 get 1 free, so if you get a buy 1 get 1 free promo, you actually buy items with a 50% discount for 2 items at a time. You only need to buy 1 item to get a discount. One restaurant that gives some interesting promotions is on the official website of MySubwayCard.


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Tricks To Make Your Kitchen To Simple And Neat


Housewife always wants a simple and neat kitchen, and this fact cannot be denied. The importance of a simple and neat kitchen is not only determined by its size, but also by your ability to keep the kitchen simple and neat all the times. Generally, the homeowners often do a total or large-scale cleaning for kitchen areas, especially on special days such as new years or other special moments. This total cleaning is generally carried out about 1 or 2 times each year where every corner and drawer of the kitchen room will be thoroughly dismantled and cleaned. If you want to renovate your kitchen, you can call the Lowe’s as a home improvement.

Empty Sink And The Utensils Are Clean

Start the days in the kitchen that simple and neat by pay attention to several important kitchen features, such as, sink, dishwasher, dish drying rack, to other kitchen utensils that function similarly. Make sure that the objects are always clean and empty at the end of the day. Thus, you will definitely find as simple and clean kitchen every morning the next day. With the sink and kitchen utensils is an empty condition, you will also be facilitated when you want to start cooking or washing dishes. There are no more piles or dirty dishes or tidying plates. As a result, the kitchen is simple and neat at all the times plus extra functional.

Simple And Neat Kitchen That Is One Way Clean

One of the secrets of the famous chef is an efficient and all effective work, including for you the owner of a simple and neat kitchen. One of them is cleaning up between ongoing work. For example, the event of cutting onions always ends by removing the onion skin that has been peeled off or also always cleaning the oil splash with a cloth then frying the dish. You can cook and clean the kitchen in one way. Usually, the areas that you can clean while working are areas that work for raw materials, sink, and stoves. Your best friend in creating a simple and clean kitchen is a kitchen textile cloth. To get a chic and modern furniture for your kitchen, you can buy at Lowe’s

The Clean Sink

If you want to have a simple and neat kitchen with a sleek and fragrant sink, you need to always wash or brushing the sink after you finish using it to remove oil, dirt or after washing dishes in your simple and neat kitchen. You must have extra attention to maintain cleanliness. The trick is to use a separate brush and rub the entire sink area with the existing dish soap. After rinsing, don’t forget to wipe it clean especially at the edge of the sink table. Guaranteed, you can get a simple and neat kitchen and the sink can avoid oil deposits, black dirt, and always fragrant at all the times.

Routine Care For Cookware

Don’t ignore your simple and neat kitchen dwellers. If you take close to your kitchen, there must be cooking utensils such a cauldron or a pan that needs to be rubbed because it has been burnt black. Or maybe the handle of the cooking pot is loose and needs to be tightened with a screwdriver?

The cooking utensils such as a stove also need a monthly service to make them look fishy and function perfectly. Similarly, a kitchen knife needs to be sharpened periodically and not only when needed. Ideally, if your kitchen is already simple and neat so you just need to do a routine maintenance at least once a month. To get a chic and modern furniture for your kitchen, you can buy at Lowe’s.

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Hy New Bride, This Is The Tips For Managing Finance After Marriage


Just getting married it feels really beautiful, because, finally we live with the people who we love. But the problem is that the expenses are increasing. There are house payments, electricity costs, and other bills. As a new partner, there are some things that we need to know and adjust to a partner. One of them is financial management. Then how should you manage the family finances that just started?

Open About The Finance Each Other

After you both committed to live together, a husband and wife must be open to each other about finance. Especially for those who work together. It is open about how much income and debt each. The financial problems in the household are one of the important things. If each other is open, then there won’t be any problem in the household because of financial problems. The Interesting Online Business That No Need Capital is solution if wife want get a job. Therefore, no matter how small income and expenditure, it must be known together. If you get a bonus from the office, for example, a husband and wife should know each other to make a financial plan for the future.

Make a Join Budget

If before marriage you have own income and expenses, then after marriage it will be income and shared expenses. Discuss the source of income and how much together you will spend in one month. Discuss patterns about spending distribution. For example, a husband’s salary is used to pay for the basic needs, while the wife’s salary can be used for small things that are secondary. This is very important to do, to monitor financial flows. So, it will help you avoid disputes about income, this is the problems that often experienced by the newly married couple.

Make a Plan

New brides must have a short-term and long-term plan. For example, for those who don’t have a home, one of the things that must be determined is rent of the house. If before marriage each lives in a boarding house, then it’s time for this new bride to choose a bigger house rental. Of course, there are more expenses. This is included in the short term plans. In, addition long-term plans must also be determined. The cost of educating children, the cost of buying assets such as houses and vehicles, must be included in the list of a long-term plan.

Discussed About The Priority Needs

When you lived together, the need will be multiplied in number. Likewise, expenses for needs will increase more than usual. Therefore, discuss with your partner which needs include priorities, such as monthly shopping, bills, electricity, paying installments, telephone, and internet bills.

Not only that. The new couple must change their lifestyle. Reduce those whose names every night hang out at cafes, clubbing, or find other entertainment. You’ve already married, try to control the extravagant behavior. Well, because you are already married, it is better to set aside your income save and invest. Many investment instruments can be selected starting from gold, mutual funds, stocks, and other instruments according to ability, such as mutual funds.

Prepare The Family Protection Funds

You are both is not only saving your money to the long-term plans but also prepare the family protection funds. Nobody knows what events that will happen to us in the future. For that, you should set aside some money to buy insurance. For example, life insurance for the family head. This insurance is useful for protecting families if the head of the family as the breadwinner dies. So, no need to worry about the financial condition, because later the family left behind will get the sum insured according to the amount set.

Make it as comfortable as possible your family’s financial rules. The most important thing about the way to managing money is to make it all planned while maintaining comfort and family.

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The Importance Of Continuing Education Despite Being A Housewife


Getting married and living happily are the dreams of many women. The next goal is certainly to having children and raising them, with love. Welcoming the husband home from the office and taking the child to school is a common activity. Some of you may also be busy with the office activities that take time and effort. But it turns out that not only are those ideals in your head. The other dream that maybe you still have is to continue your education.

Continuing Education While Being A Housewife

When you become a mother, so the desire for continuing your education is not easy to be realized. You will be faced with a dilemma because the education costs are not cheap., time with family will be cut off if you go to college. It cannot be denied that the role of a housewife is so crucial for your family. From morning to night, there are many activities that must be completed. Making breakfast, cooking, washing clothes, or taking children to scroll will be the part of your daily activities.

It must be realized that spending a day wrestling with these various activities alone makes you run out of time and energy. So it is not surprising that even though there is a strong desire to continue education may be delayed. Coming back to the academic world might be your dream after being a wife. High curiosity and awareness of the importance of education is setting that makes you miss the school. For children’s education, the quality of a mother’s intellectual intelligence is needed.

It all goes to your consistency and responsibility in carrying out the role. If you really have a desire, any obstacle can be conquered. You can divide your time and work with your husband on this matter, for example by sharing roles. When you are busy learning, ask for help to look after the children. When your job is fulfilled, immediately return to your role as a mother.

As a wife and a mother, you are the foundation of your family that should have enough knowledge capital. The husband will trust the children’s education of their mother. For this reason, the intelligent thinking is certainly very important. Starting from the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual intelligence all require the role of a smart mother.

On the other hand, as a wife, a husband needs a reliable fighting partner. The knowledge that you have will be useful.

Another benefit to continuing education after marriage is that knowledge or degree obtained can be used to improve the economic quality of the family. The Benefits To Having Shopping Coupons can reduce using shopping budget.There is no need to always think of working in an office, with the education you can take your knowledge to make a business from home. For example. For a mother who aspires to have a restaurant. Why not take a management course? The knowledge that you get from there will definitely be very used to managing the restaurant later.

It feels classic, indeed. But in reality, every effort will surely produce the results. So even with your desire as a housewife who still wants to continue your education, as long as you have a strong will so it can be run together. Your role as a wife and mother will not be neglected as long as you have the right time management. Besides that, it is also important to convince yourself that you can live both. Living a role as a student and housewife is not easy, but that does not mean it cannot be done. As long as you want to have a way, trust to your own ability to go through both.

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The Benefits To Having Shopping Coupons


Have you ever come to the supermarket to shop for a few items, but when you want to pay at cashier there are a lot of things that you have to pay? Some people surely have experienced like that, especially if you don’t bring a shopping list. In fact, even carrying a shopping list might still you want to buy some goods that any discount price. There are several ways to save your money in everytime you shopping. One of that way is getting a shopping coupon. You may also get the other benefits from the shopping coupon.

Manage Your Expense

Shopping coupons can be useful for managing your expenses. For example, you have 7 pieces of a 100.000 IDR shopping coupon. Then you make a shopping list that estimated the amount to 300.000. So you may simply to bring three coupons and spend with no more than three vouchers. If the cashier is more than 300.000 IDR, so you need to put the items that are prioritized in front of the cashier. So the items that are less important can be immediately eliminated when the number has reached shopping quota.

Can Be Used Repeatedly

If you have a shopping coupon like Carrefour coupon, you can shop repeatedly. This coupon cannot only be used once. For example, your coupon is worth 100.000 IDR and you only shop 50.000 IDR, you can still use the remaining coupons. But remember, although, it can be used repeatedly, but shopping coupons have a validity period. Generally, one year after being issued. You must pay attention to have coupon expiration date. do not get a lot of coupon nominal but the validity of period has expired.

Special Gift

Saving shopping coupons can also provide other benefits. For example, the payday date is still far away, but there is your friend married. You can use that coupon as a wedding gift. Coupons must be beneficial for newly married couples because there must be many needs that must be met.

Can Be Used Widely

Another advantage of this shopping coupon is that can be used in all network of stores all around the country. So you take it anywhere, as long as it is still in the network of that stores. If you are on duty or traveling out of town and there is a self-service network, you can bring the coupons that you have. You may also cash funds and use them for other purposes, such as for buying the souvenirs.

Win Special Prizes

One another benefit of using the shopping coupons is being able to get a chance to win prizes. Usually, this coupon provider is a bis shopping place or a leading product brand. So, that every time you use the voucher it will be calculated to get the points that can later be exchanged. Who would have thought that if you could win a motorcycle, even a tumblr would be nice. So, look for shopping coupons as much as possible to be able to get the various benefits that they have.

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The Interesting Online Business That No Need Capital



One of the things that make people reluctant to do a business is the big of the capital needed. Luckily, the availability of an internet connection today allows you to start an online business without capital. Of course, you need a computer and internet connection, but besides that, what you need is your persistence and creativity. You can do a business without money at all. Here is the interesting online business without capital that you must try.

Become a Youtuber

One of the most common online business without capital is through video. Surely you often watch videos on some video websites like YouTube, right? Now, by being a video maker on YouTube or YouTuber, you can earn a lot of income. All you need to have is a computer and an internet connection that is capable. First of all, surely you must have an account on the website of the video that you are interested in, in this case, is YouTube. You can create an account for free. After that use your creativity to make a video, you can make videos with a webcam that is already on your laptop or even with your smartphone camera.

Become a Dropshipper

Have you ever heard the term of dropshipping? This is a type of business where you sell goods on your behalf, but the goods are sent by other parties. For example, you tell your friend that you are selling a jacket. Then, when your friend is interested to buy that jacket, he will pay you some money. Then, you buy a jacket online from another party and they will send that jacket to your friend. Of course, the price that you specify will be higher than the original price in order to make a profit.

Making a Blog or Website

Do you like writing? Do you have a blog with useful information? If yes, so you can consider including the advertisement in your blog or website. To create a blog or website for free, you can use WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Wix, and some website creation services. After having your own site, you can include as Google AdSense. Google Adsense is a popular Google service related to displaying ads. By registering your blog or website in Google AdSense, the advertisements will appear on your blog or website. With this method, you can change your writing hobby into an online business with no potential capital.

Sell The Information

Not only the physical items that can be sold, the useful information can also be. Through a blog or website, you can sell various information. For example is selling electronic books (E-Books) that you write about a particular topic.

In this case, after you write, you can change your writing into a PDF Format or other format, so that is easily accessible and cannot be modified by other parties. Then, you only need to display it on your website and promote your writing. if anyone is interested, you just need send the file by email to those interested. Not only in writing, you may also sell learning videos that you have made it.

To Be Consultant

Do you have the skills? It’s time for you to sell your skills, no need to be embarrassed because this method can add to your saving. For example, you are an expert and understand about SEO or Search Engine Optimization, so your expertise can be expensive. You can offer your online consulting services through the various channel.

Follow The Paid Survey

Another easy way to get money by online is to do a paid survey. In this method, you will be paid after completing the survey. You don’t need capital, you just need to look for various paid surveys in cyberspace. But, you remember to be careful of fraud.

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