Benefits Of Joining Restaurant Loyalty Program


Have you joined a restaurant loyalty program? If you have not done it yet, you should try it. A restaurant loyalty program is a particular program made for customers by a restaurant chain company. Today, there are a lot of companies operating restaurant chains launched a restaurant loyalty program. It is because this restaurant loyalty program gives some benefits for customers and the companies themselves.

Of course, restaurant companies have certain reasons behind this loyalty program. These companies may set this loyalty program because they have some goals to achieve. The goals are relatable to one another. The main goal is that to attract more customers to visit their restaurant.

benefits of joining restaurant loyalty program
benefits of joining restaurant loyalty program

The Purpose of Offering Loyalty Program

As stated before, each restaurant has its own purpose of offering the loyalty program. As like its name, the loyalty program aims to increase the customers’ loyalty. The more loyal customers, the more frequently they will visit the restaurant. Then, the result is that the restaurant can increase the sales. Below are the examples of the goal of the restaurant’s loyalty program.

  • First, they want to keep customers coming back to their restaurants. If customers make frequent returns to the restaurants, there will be the significant effect to the sales improvement.
  • Second, restaurants owners want to increase restaurant sales. The numbers of customers coming back to the restaurant will give impact to the profits.
  • Third, owners want to escalate their business level. The more profit they get from the restaurant, the better their business level is.
  • Fourth, restaurant owners are eager to have the strong relationship with the customers. So, it will be easier for the restaurant to apply their marketing strategies using the restaurant loyalty program.

The Benefits of Joining the Loyalty Program

With those goals above, restaurant owners should be able to create an interesting restaurant loyalty program. Besides, they should be ready to provide loyalty program benefits for customers. This way, customers will be happy to join it. For instance, the benefits which customers can receive from a restaurant loyalty program are:

  1. Get a registration reward

First, you may get a reward once you join a restaurant loyalty program. The reward from every loyalty program is not the same. Some restaurants may give you a free menu item if you sign up for their loyalty programs. Besides, some other restaurants may offer discounts on your next purchases if your registration to the restaurant loyalty program is successful. You can make the registration on the restaurant official website. Or, you may download the restaurant mobile app and create an account for joining the loyalty program.

  1. Earn points

Second, customers may earn points from a restaurant loyalty program. The rules of earning points may vary at different restaurants. If you are a member of a restaurant loyalty program, you may receive points for your purchases. The program may count your points based on the dollar amounts you spend at the restaurant. Or, it will be based on the number of visits you make to the restaurant for certain periods. Then, the program will accumulate your total points. At certain points, there will be special rewards for you. Besides, you can save your points for bigger rewards. For example, you can receive a free medium pizza from Pizza Hut if you earn 200 points. Next, you may get a free large pizza for 250 points.

  1. Receive free coupons

Third, you will get restaurant coupons for free. As a member of a restaurant loyalty program, you must get privileges from the restaurant. The restaurant may launch the special coupons on special occasions. For instance, you may receive coupons when restaurants are celebrating its anniversary. The coupons can be in the form of free item coupons, discount coupons, or BOGO coupons. Terms and conditions may apply to these restaurant coupons. Make sure you use the coupons before they get expired.

  1. Get exclusive promotions and updates

Fourth, you may get exclusive promotions. All members of a restaurant loyalty program will get the privileges to be the first ones to receive the information. Restaurants may announce their deals via email, messages, or notifications on your loyalty program account. This way, you will get bigger chances to take the promotions. Besides, you may receive the latest updates from the restaurant. For instance, you will be a VIP guest for their exclusive celebrations if you are a member of the restaurant loyalty program.

  1. Receive your birthday gift

Fifth, you will be able to receive a birthday gift from the restaurant. You will get this privilege as long as you are a member of this loyalty program. A lot of restaurants offer this privilege to its loyalty program member. This is why; you should provide your birth date when you are filling in the registration form for joining the restaurant loyalty program.

  1. Get your children’s birthday gift

Sixth, your children may get the reward from the restaurant loyalty program as well. Several restaurants allow you to involve your kids in their loyalty programs. For example, you are signing up for Perkins eclub. Then, you are able to inform your children’s birth dates on the registration form. Next, Perkins restaurant will give your children a birthday gift when the day has come.

  1. Browse restaurant menu

Seventh, you may get an opportunity to browse the newest restaurant menu. You may search which menu items you want to try at the restaurant. Some restaurants may offer you to try their newest dishes, so you can be the one to taste their special menu items. Besides, the new menu may be available for a short period. So, make sure you come to the restaurant very soon.

  1. Make online payment

Eighth, you can make the online payment if you are a member of a loyalty program. You just need to sign in to your account, make orders, and pay it from your account.

  1. Find location

Ninth, you will be able to find location. Several restaurant loyalty programs require you to download their restaurant mobile apps. If you have installed a mobile app, you may be able to use a store locator feature there. This locator will help you to find the nearest restaurant location which you prefer.

  1. Friend invitation rewards

Tenth, you can get a reward after you have invited your friends to join the restaurant loyalty program. A few restaurants create this offer, so you can enjoy the rewards from a restaurant loyalty program with your squad.

Those are the benefits of joining a restaurant loyalty program. Very attractive, right? Now, go grab your phone and sign up. You will thank us later.