Find the Low Speed of the Restaurant Service? Here Some Things You Need to Do!


Fellas! Some of you must ever go to your lovely restaurants and somehow, you don’t get the best service. Indeed, you have a right to start complaining to the official staff member. But, maybe, you don’t want to make any noise as you think your complaints will never be heard by the restaurants’ team. Indeed, you have the right to speak up your mind about the restaurant service.

Just so you know, when you are ready enough, you can start following the steps. Yes, you are going to speak up your mind about the low speed of the service without worrying about anything. Of course, you just need to follow some tips and you will know how pleasing it is to complain elegantly. Well, they are:

  • Tip 1: Talk with the Restaurant Team and Ask Questions

First of all, you can give a try to talk to the employee in order to ask questions. Not to mention, you may get your food is no longer hot or fresh. In this case, you can politely ask why your food is no longer fresh. And, if the employees explain something, you can try to listen to them. In case you cannot accept the reasons, you may politely ask for another food as the change. And, you can say thank you when the staff member gives you another one. But, if you get nothing and even get some insults or unpleasing response, you can try the next tips. Don’t worry!

  • Tip 2: Write Your Critics on the Restaurant Feedback Form

And then, you can start to get the sheet of the restaurant form that is available at the restaurant. You know, you can write something such as critics, suggestions, and other else. In this case, you can start to write your complaints about whether you get the food that is no longer fresh. And then, you can also mention how you have tried to get another one and the employee rejected you. If it is necessary, you can also write the name of the staff member. Yes, it will be complete if you also mention the date and time of the moment when it happens.

  • Tip 3: Contact the Restaurant Customer Service

For the next, you can also try to contact the restaurant customer service. You know, there will be some contacts that you can find. First, you can check it on the banner of the restaurant. Or maybe, you can also check it on the mobile application of the restaurant. Yes, you will get the online form of the survey that you can fill. Somehow, you can also access the restaurant website. And then, you can check the contact us page in order to complete the feedback form. Yes, the details that you must write must be brief, specific, and clear.

  • Tip 4: Fill the Customer Satisfaction Survey

And the last, you can fill the customer satisfaction survey. As you know, there are some customer surveys held by famous restaurants. In this case, you can check the link of the online customer survey on the receipt that you get from your transaction. You know, some restaurants also provide the customer surveys through phone or mail. And, you can choose the one that you like the most.

Taco Bell Customer Service Survey
Taco Bell Customer Service Survey

For your information, some of the restaurants offer rewards or prizes for the participants. And, you can be one of those participants who win the prize and enjoy the instant rewards. One of the best customer surveys that you can try is Taco Bell Customer Service Survey. You know, you will be able to win $500 prize from the customer survey sweepstakes program. If you are curious about it, you can follow the steps to be the winner. They are:

  • Step 1: Go To the Restaurant for the Receipt

Yes, you need to visit the restaurant and buy a menu from the restaurant. You know, you will get the receipt that has the survey code. By using that code, you can enter the survey. Therefore, you must not lose that receipt.

  • Step 2: Go To the Survey Website

And then, you can try to access the survey website. You know, you can get the link on your receipt. Yes, you need to find the online access and a device with the browser. Of course, you need to be sure that you access the correct survey website.

  • Step 3: Fill the Entire Survey Form

After that, you can fill the entire survey form. If you see, the survey will ask you some questions. Not to mention, you need to give the scale of the ratings in order to decide whether the service is satisfying or not. If you find that the restaurant service is not satisfying, you can choose the low scale. And, it is also the same when you find the service is pleasing. You can choose the high scale of the rating. Anyway, you will also find a space where you can write your feedback. Of course, you can use the moment to fill your feedback such as about the menu that is not fresh, and so on.

  • Step 4: Join the Sweepstakes Program to Win

And the last, you will get the offer to join the sweepstakes program. Now, if you think you do really want to be the $500 cash winner, you must join. Indeed, you don’t have to pay for anything or do anything to join. Yes, you just have to fill your details like your name and so on. At the same website, you will get the chance to win the prize.

Well, those are the tips and steps to be brave in giving some complaints in brilliant ways. No doubt, it is your right to speak up your opinion. As you can see, your opinion will lead the restaurant team to improve the service quality for you. Yes, it will be important that you share your feedback. In this case, other customers may feel the same but they are afraid of speaking up their opinion. By being brave, you are helping the restaurant and other customers to get the better service or foods. Nice, isn’t it?