Have You Tried These 10 Popular Types of Ice Cream?


After carrying out activities throughout the day, we will feel tired. Solar heat causes the skin and body fluids to decrease. The hot atmosphere is most suitable if we enjoy ice cream. Who doesn’t know the delicious of ice cream? The whole world recognizes that ice cream is one of the foods that can improve mood. Then at this time, you can easily enjoy ice cream. Because you can find ice cream at the store, at the supermarket etc. That way you can enjoy ice cream whenever and wherever. Furthermore, ice cream has a price that is friendly to consumers. Because ice cream is available from cheap to expensive.

Ice cream comes from various ingredients. Basically ice cream has the basic ingredients of milk. so ice cream is identical to sweet and creamy. But now you can find ice cream with fruit ingredients. The main content of ice cream is calories derived from fat, sugar, and protein. But the most dominant is sugar content. So for those of you who want to lose weight, you have to avoid these foods. Because high sugar content can make your weight easily rise. But, you don’t have to worry. As long as your ice cream consumption does not exceed your needs, your weight will be stable. So you need to consult with health workers regarding your calorie needs in a day.

types of ice cream
types of ice cream

Get to know the History of Ice Cream.

Well guys, long time ago enjoying ice cream was not as easy as you imagined. Because there was still no cooling engine. Maybe you are curious about the process of making ice cream in the past. So, instead of refrigerating the community collects ice during the winter. They take ice from the lake. Then they store ice in a haystack. So to make ice cream, they use ice and salt. But the results are definitely not like ice at this time.

Ice cream first appeared in 64. Historical records tell of ice cream in a party meal. At that time the concept of ice cream was snow which was served with fruits and honey. So it’s still not as smooth and diverse as it is today. Then the first ice cream dough came from 700 AD. During the reign of Tang Emperor from China, he asked for ice cream. Ice cream comes from cow’s milk, flour, and a little camphor. Then this mixture becomes the basis for making ice cream as it is today. So if you are not noble, it is impossible in the past to enjoy ice cream. Luckily, now you can buy ice cream easily.

10 Popular Ice Cream You Must Try !.

Ice cream is a favorite food for many people. Starting from children to adults like ice cream. Ice cream is perfect for summer. Then sweet foods can increase positive feelings in you. After you enjoy ice cream, you will be excited again in carrying out activities. So what are you waiting for, pick up your favorite ice cream now? If you want to know the type of ice cream, see our review below. We will discuss 10 types of ice cream popular in the world that you need to try. Thus you will not get bored with the type and taste of ice cream.

  1. First, Ice Cream Mochi.

If you hear the name mochi, you will definitely remember Japan. Japan is currently a favorite recreation destination for people in the World. They offer cultural tourism and unique goods produced by the country. Besides the beauty of his country, Japan has a favorite ice cream. They have mochi ice cream. Basically, mochi cake comes from rice flour and filled with red bean paste. But as creativity increases, they turn red beans into ice cream. Then become current mochi ice cream. This ice cream has a soft texture from the mochi cake and the cold sensation comes from ice cream.

  1. Second, Frozen Yogurt.

If you want to enjoy a healthy digestive ice cream, here’s the answer. In America, popular ice cream comes from yogurt. Yogurt is a fermented drink derived from milk. the advantage is this ice cream has a lower fat content. Furthermore, this ice cream becomes more delicious with the addition of fruit, syrup, and chocolate.

  1. Third, Gelato Ice Cream.

Gelato ice cream comes from Italy. Gelato in Italian means frozen. Then this ice cream has a difference when compared to other ice creams. Because they make gelato at higher temperatures. So the gelato texture is softer. Amazingly ice cream gelato has a lower fat content than ice cream in general.

  1. Fourth, Sorbetes.

Sorbetes ice cream comes from the Philippines. The ingredients for making this ice cream are from a mixture of cow’s milk and coconut water. Usually, this ice cream is served with bread or wafer cone.

  1. Fifth, Spaghetti Ice Cream.

This ice cream is almost the same as other ice cream types. But the difference lies in the unique form of ice cream. Yes, this ice cream is shaped like spaghetti.

  1. Sixth, Paletas Ice Cream.

Paletas ice cream comes from Mexico. This ice cream consists of two types. First, it comes from juice and water. Second, ice cream comes from milk and cream.

  1. Seventh, Clotted Cream Ice Cream.

Clotted Cream Ice Cream is a food that comes from England. They make this ice cream from milk, sugar, and eggs.

  1. Eighth, Ice Cream Kulfi.

Kulfi ice cream comes from India. They make ice cream that is different from the ingredients used. Kulfi is made from pistachio, turmeric or cardamom. So this ice cream has a taste similar to frozen custard.

  1. Ninth, Dondurma Ice Cream.

Well, guys, another unique ice cream is Dondurma. You must be patient when you want to buy this ice cream. Because the seller will provide tricks when preparing ice cream. The ingredients for making dondurma include milk, sugar, ointment flour, and mastic tree sap.

  1. Tenth, Peanut Ice Cream.

Peanut ice cream is an ice popular in Malaysia and Singapore. This ice consists of shaved ice, then on top of it will be added jelly, syrup, nuts and milk.

Exposure above is 10 types of ice cream popular in the world. Which ice cream do you want to try? One of the most popular ice cream houses is Dairy Queen. At this outlet, you can enjoy the yummy soft serve ice cream called Blizzard. Then, you also can take part in Dairy Queen survey at Dqfanfeedback.com. This way, you can earn the free treat from this store.