The Benefits That You’ll Get To Use The Restaurant Membercard


For you hunters of delicious foods but still want to save, you must have the member card of a restaurant or get a restaurant voucher online. By getting the member card or voucher online, you can get a discount price but you can still eat deliciously. So many people want some offers like this, this makes many companies compete to make membercard or sell vouchers. One of the official website that offer member cards and some promotions discount to eat is on MySubwayCard.

You Just Need To Pay A Half Of Price

If you have the member card of a certain restaurant, usually you will get the information that that restaurant will give eating vouchers with the terms and condition apply. One of the promotions that you can get by having the member card of the restaurant is you just need to pay a half of price. This promotion also you can get by online restaurant vouchers. Some of that even provide half price and more discounts. This will certainly attract buyers to try the menu of that restaurant. So, you can eat cheap all the time.

Still Can Eat Delicious And Cheap

By using a member card and promo online voucher you can eat delicious and cheap. There are many places to eat with online restaurant promo vouchers, one of the official website that gives a promo by using the MySubwayCard member card. This restaurant will give you good service and delicious food. This certainly will provide a memorable experience of luxury but cheap meals.

Can Eat More

When you get a discount by using a member card, so it means that you only pay a half but with the normal portion. Imagine if you use the promo for that member card restaurant with normal price, so you can eat the double portion.

Try Some Menus

You may also use the promo from the member card to try various dishes in the restaurant, maybe for some kind of food have a normal price which is quite expensive, but with the promo from using the member card, you can buy it just by paying half the price.

After we talking about the discount that you will get by using the member card or voucher online by the official website likes MySubwayCard. Now, we will talk about how you can calculate the benefits from discounts or promotions. You may be familiar with the calculation of discount in the form of percentage discount. But for some the other promo, maybe you will find the difficulty in calculating it.


This promotion is usually applied in clothing sales and other goods. Cashback promotions are an interesting form of promotion because people usually think that they will get cash. Whereas, generally the cashback promos are given in the form of vouchers. For example, for every 100.000 IDR purchased, you will be given a cashback of 500.000 IDR. Cashback is usually given in the form of vouchers or points that will give on your account, or credit included in the credit card.

Actually, this advantage is unfair, it is calculated in the form of a percentage because the profits obtained are not in the form of cash. If the voucher purchased is not related to your needs, so the voucher will be less useful.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

This promo is the one of promo that often offers in some stores. For this promo, you can also easily calculate the percentage of profits. The trick is to multiply the price of the item by the number of the item obtained ( in this case the item number is 2) then reduce the total price by the price of the goods that must be paid. You can see the percentage of the remaining price compared to the total price that you should pay if you buy 2 items.

For example the price of goods 100.000 IDR and get the promo to buy 1 get 1 free, so if you get a buy 1 get 1 free promo, you actually buy items with a 50% discount for 2 items at a time. You only need to buy 1 item to get a discount. One restaurant that gives some interesting promotions is on the official website of MySubwayCard.