The Interesting Online Business That No Need Capital



One of the things that make people reluctant to do a business is the big of the capital needed. Luckily, the availability of an internet connection today allows you to start an online business without capital. Of course, you need a computer and internet connection, but besides that, what you need is your persistence and creativity. You can do a business without money at all. Here is the interesting online business without capital that you must try.

Become a Youtuber

One of the most common online business without capital is through video. Surely you often watch videos on some video websites like YouTube, right? Now, by being a video maker on YouTube or YouTuber, you can earn a lot of income. All you need to have is a computer and an internet connection that is capable. First of all, surely you must have an account on the website of the video that you are interested in, in this case, is YouTube. You can create an account for free. After that use your creativity to make a video, you can make videos with a webcam that is already on your laptop or even with your smartphone camera.

Become a Dropshipper

Have you ever heard the term of dropshipping? This is a type of business where you sell goods on your behalf, but the goods are sent by other parties. For example, you tell your friend that you are selling a jacket. Then, when your friend is interested to buy that jacket, he will pay you some money. Then, you buy a jacket online from another party and they will send that jacket to your friend. Of course, the price that you specify will be higher than the original price in order to make a profit.

Making a Blog or Website

Do you like writing? Do you have a blog with useful information? If yes, so you can consider including the advertisement in your blog or website. To create a blog or website for free, you can use WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Wix, and some website creation services. After having your own site, you can include as Google AdSense. Google Adsense is a popular Google service related to displaying ads. By registering your blog or website in Google AdSense, the advertisements will appear on your blog or website. With this method, you can change your writing hobby into an online business with no potential capital.

Sell The Information

Not only the physical items that can be sold, the useful information can also be. Through a blog or website, you can sell various information. For example is selling electronic books (E-Books) that you write about a particular topic.

In this case, after you write, you can change your writing into a PDF Format or other format, so that is easily accessible and cannot be modified by other parties. Then, you only need to display it on your website and promote your writing. if anyone is interested, you just need send the file by email to those interested. Not only in writing, you may also sell learning videos that you have made it.

To Be Consultant

Do you have the skills? It’s time for you to sell your skills, no need to be embarrassed because this method can add to your saving. For example, you are an expert and understand about SEO or Search Engine Optimization, so your expertise can be expensive. You can offer your online consulting services through the various channel.

Follow The Paid Survey

Another easy way to get money by online is to do a paid survey. In this method, you will be paid after completing the survey. You don’t need capital, you just need to look for various paid surveys in cyberspace. But, you remember to be careful of fraud.